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The Farber Endowment

Farber PhotoInterested in sending your child to the best Jewish Early Childhood Center with liberal scholarships available?

Please call 248-661-5750 for more information about our Early Childhood Center and to schedule a tour. You can also email us at: [email protected].  Or, fill out a preschool and kindergarten application.

Understanding The Need for Affordable Jewish Education

Liberal Scholarships Available for Children to Attend ECC
The cost of an early childhood education can be staggering.  Understanding how challenging it is for young families with busy schedules, mortgages and careers to afford a quality early childhood Jewish education for their young child, Audrey and William Farber have established a $10 million endowment to the Susan & Rabbi Harold Loss Early Childhood Center (ECC) at Temple Israel.

Each year, the endowment will provide ECC scholarships for Temple members.  This is an incredible opportunity to help young families manage the cost of early childhood education and is only available at Temple Israel.

The Farbers share our mission and vision to provide the foundation of an exemplary Jewish education in a safe and nurturing environment.  They also understand the importance of making metro Detroit the ideal place for young Jewish families to live and work. 

Generations of our members will be grateful for the Farbers' gift, which will not only benefit Temple members, but will help enrich and grow our Jewish community.

Recommitting to Metro Detroit

Lack of Affordable Jewish Educational Opportunities Affects the Community
A great number of young Jewish families have left Michigan over the past 20 years, and those who have stayed often have found it difficult to afford the cost of early childhood centers.

Now, because of the scholarships offered through the Farbers’ endowment, families will be able to stay local, new families will be attracted to southeast Michigan and our Temple Israel community will grow.

These scholarships offer tremendous opportunities for young children and their families.  As Temple members, we are very fortunate to have this available to us.

Developing a Sense of Community

Creating Bonds, Lifelong Friendships
While there are plenty of Jewish community organizations for teenagers and adults in metropolitan Detroit, it is difficult to find groups for young children that are as extensive as the Early Childhood Center at Temple Israel.

Temple Israel membership and your child’s involvement in our ECC will lead to a lifetime of Jewish engagement.  Not only will your children develop lifelong friendships and memories at the ECC, you and your family will build relationships, become an integral part of the Temple and region’s Jewish community and grow in your Jewish identity.

Nurturing, Knowledgeable, Caring Staff and Unparalleled Learning Opportunities

The ECC is More Than a Daycare, it Provides a Foundation for the Future

The most important years of a child’s life for building cognition, character and identity are the first five.  With up to 85 percent of key developmental abilities formed by age five, early childhood education offers incredible potential. In addition, an early Jewish education leads to a lifetime of Jewish engagement.

At our Early Childhood Center, which is a Great Start to Quality four-star rated facility, our teachers provide a safe, caring, nurturing environment for students. ECC teachers, all of who have associates, bachelors or masters degrees, are dedicated to early childhood development.  Most have been with Temple Israel for more than 15 years and all prepare and implement daily lesson plans in order to provide meaningful experiences for children. 

Our preschool is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of two-to five-year-olds. Each week, children enjoy time with Hebrew, music, science and gym/yoga teachers, in addition to their daily homeroom teachers. They visit the Hodari Media Center for library story hour and work with teachers on developmentally appropriate curriculum such as Zoo Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears and Everyday Math.

Our fully accredited kindergarten program focuses on the child as a whole as they move through developmental stages. Classes are limited to 16 children and use Smartboard technology.

The foundations of our program are based on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child. We provide programming on subjects including language arts, library/computer time, reading, writing, mathematics, Judaica, Hebrew, art, science, and social studies.

For working and busy parents, early care is just that…early.  You may drop off your child beginning at 7 a.m.  In the afternoon, students can enjoy activities through our “After School Gang” which is open until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 4 p.m. Friday.

Getting Involved/Scholarship Information

We want your child to be one of those receiving a scholarship. Please call 248-661-5750 for more information about our Early Childhood Center and to schedule a tour. You can also email [email protected] or fill out a preschool and kindergarten application.

About Us

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