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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Publication Information Form

Information for Temple Israel Messenger and The Jewish News 

This form is needed for both the Temple Israel Messenger and The Jewish News. As you may know, The Jewish News will publish pictures and data about Bar/Bat Mitzvah children at no charge. If you wish us to prepare and submit the information, please submit one color photo to Stephanie Brovenick via email or by dropping it off at our Administrative Offices. Be certain to include his/her name and Bar/Bat Mitzvah date on the photograph when submitting. We will call to verify only the material for the Jewish News.

Temple Israel reserves the right to edit all material. For The Messenger we do not list names of siblings or deceased great-grandparents.

A 4-color headshot of the bar/bat mitzvah child must be emailed to [email protected] in conjunction with this form. Information will not be published without a photo. Please contact Stephanie at 248-661-5700 X-133 with any questions.

Please carefully complete the form below, paying close attention to names, as it will be used as submitted in each publication and for the pulpit announcements at the time of the service.

Information is to be used in 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Child Information

(The Jewish News will no longer mention if a child is an Honor Student, but the Messenger will)
(The Jewish News will no longer publish hobbies, but the Messenger will)

Please list ALL THREE of your mitzvah projects. The first one will be the one included in The Jewish News and should be the most meaningful to you. They will only list one project.

Parent Information

(Please include any titles of parents, ie Dr., if you choose for it to appear in print.)

Complete this if either parent's address is different from the child's

If there has been a remarriage, please complete the following information

Sibling Information

If there are married siblings, please indicate spouses names

Grandparent Information

(Please use first and last names and indicate marital status)
(Please use first and last names and indicate marital status)

Often families wish to list names of deceased parents or grandparents. It is your decision whether to include them on this form. Please clearly indicate this.

Are there any circumstances we should know regarding the use of names?

For the Messenger we do not list names of siblings or deceased great-grandparents.

Photographer Information

Important: All photographers must have a Certificate of Insurance on file with Temple Israel.

Temple Israel reserves the right to edit all material.

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