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From a seed that took root during a Temple Israel trip to Israel in 1995 and the generosity of the Goodman Family and the pride in their Jewish heritage instilled by their parents, the Goodman Family Judaic & Archival Museum at Temple Israel was born.

The mission of the Goodman Family Judaic & Archival Museum at Temple Israel, with funding provided by the Goodman Family Judaica Museum Fund dedicated to Mary & Albert Goodman, is:

  •  to collect, preserve and exhibit articles from antiquity to modern times that represent the historical and cultural development of the Jewish people in relation to customs, beliefs and artistic styles
  •  to demonstrate how Jewish art is essentially bound to ritual and spiritual life
  •  to educate and instill pride in our heritage by acquiring and preserving a collection for Temple Israel

The Temple Israel Museum & Fine Arts Committee is able to use the museum to enrich the lives of our Temple families. The museum displays artistic works that manifest in their nature the ongoing traditions of Judaism and the historical expression of the Jewish people.

Browsing the website will give you a taste of the richness the museum brings. Also, please take the opportunity each time you are at Temple to visit the Wasserman Atrium and enjoy the ever-changing exhibits.

For more information, contact Tracie Fienman at [email protected].

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About Us

Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish Congregation which seeks to fulfill its religious and ethical goals by being a center for spiritual fulfillment, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, community leadership, social responsibility, and by lovingly entrusting our Reform Jewish tradition from generation to generation. We are committed in our support of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people throughout the world.

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