Wooden Seder Plate

Wooden Seder Plate 

Wooden Seder Plate by Alex and Lorelei Gruss

Hyssop - “aizov” - in Hebrew was the plant used to sprinkle the blood of the Paschal lamb on door-posts of Jewish homes on the night of the Exodus. The Paschal lamb is represented by the “aizov” that is carved around the lower matzo container, the one that will hold the matzos. The second component of our Seder Plate Set - dish and cup storage piece - is carved with the horseradish plant. The lower side displays the roots and underground portion of the plant (the part that is eaten); the upper side shows the foliage. Stored in this jungle of horseradish are the utensils themselves: six silver dishes for the required foods, one silver bowl for salt water, and a goblet and larger dish for the Cup of Elijah. The third wooden component of the Seder Plate Set is the thin platter itself. Each of the three components is folded for storage. When they are unfolded and assembled, the pieces stack one on top of each other to form the completed Seder Plate Set.

A Gift From:
Patti & Fred Erlich
Rosanne & Bennett Fienman
Kathy & Harvey Fink
Shari & Stan Finsilver
Barbara Frankel
Teri & Mark Goodman
Barbara & Michael Hechtman
Susie & Mel Linden
Linda & Joe Roberts
Lynn & Harvey Rubin
Judy & Kent Siegel
Yolanda & David Tisdale
Susan & Hanley Yorke


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