Shabbat Candlesticks Part of the "Secret Synagogue - Marrano" Furniture Set

 Shabbat Candlesticks

Shabbat Candlesticks by Yossi Swed
Part of the "Secret Synagogue - Marrano" Furniture Set 

During the Inquisition, in the 15th century, the Jews of Spain were forced to either convert or go underground and practice their Judaism in secret. Those who chose to remain “secret” Jews - who became known by the derogatory term “Marranos” - had to hide all signs of their Judaism; disguising their ritual objects as everyday utensils; saying their prayers and celebrating their holidays away from the spying eyes of the Inquisition. Discovery often meant death. As an artist, the history of the Marranos gave us the freedom to design hidden Judaica pieces in any shape we wished. Hidden in the design of each piece of the Secret Marrano Furniture Set is a special Jewish ritual object.

A Gift From: 
Michael and Wendy Gorge and
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ran.

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