The Belz Gragger

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The Belz Gragger by Yossi Swed

Although many graggers are simple little noisemakers, this Belz Gragger was created as an original piece that has never existed before in the history of Judaica, bringing together the customs and practices of Purim. This fully functional, elaborately decorated gragger, designed by Yossi Swed, contains the Megillah handwritten on parchment, as well as a charity box to collect both the Machatzit Hashekel (half shekel) and the Matanot La’evyonim (money to the poor). It was created maintaining the traditional shape of the gragger, and is displayed on a simple, yet elegant stand.

Taking two years, a team of 30 people and close to 100 parts, this Belz Gragger was crafted in silver-plated brass, with decorations of gold plated sterling silver. The parts in black are anodized aluminum. Some of the inner springs and mechanisms use stainless steel, rather than silver or brass (which are softer metals), to provide the utmost durability. The parchment is a genuine “Shlil” parchment made from cowskin, with a “HaMelech” Megillah (whereby each column begins with the word “HaMelech” - “the King”) handwritten by a Sofer (Scribe). The Megillah opens with a hand-colored, original design painting.

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