Tzedakah Box

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Tzedakah Box by Dan Givon

Tzedakah is one of the most important and beautiful traditions of Judaism. The design of this piece by Dan Givon is based on the meaning of Tzedakah from Biblical sources to the interpretation of the Rambam. Engraved on each stair is a verse from the Rambam’s eight levels of Tzedakah. This Tzedakah Box is three separate boxes that unite to form one whole shape. Each of the three separate boxes represents a different form of Tzedakah, as described in the Siddur. Engraved around the base is a beautiful verse from the Bible concerning Tzedakah. “He that follows righteousness and mercy finds life, prosperity and honor.” Proverbs 22:21. The concept of this piece is to demonstrate that regardless of which charity one chooses to contribute to one must not lose sight of the purpose. It is not only to what you give, but how and why.


A Gift From:
Rosanne & Bennett Fienman

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