Galil Threadworks

Flower Spice BoxA 2003 exhibit showcased fiber artist Sherri Roberts of Sylvania, Ohio's Galil Threadworks. In her work, Ms. Roberts draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Israel's varied landscapes and the substance of Judaism. She combines thread and fiber into complex, nontraditional designs, mixing nature with flights of fancy and religious inspiration to create items suitable for home and synagogue celebrations. Her works include synagogue Torah covers, wall hangings, families' tzedakah boxes, havdallah spice containers and more.

Chanukah TapestryIn Israel, Roberts with a young child and having ceased working as a northern Israel's chief health educator, began her business. However, only after a forced return to the United States did she perceive the need for a new style of heirloom religious objects d'art.

After considerable experimentation, Roberts chose to work in couched thread, embellishing with hand stitching, polymer clay, beads and other items.

Introspection, personal challenge and a singular passion for learning about Judaism are the creative forces that drive the artist. Each design change opens up more possibilities which allow her creativity to flourish.

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