One Faith – Two Visions & Peace through Humor

Two talented Jewish artists from Northern California, Aimee Golant and Mary Ann Newman, showed some of their works at the Temple Israel Judaic And Archival Museum.

Aimee GolantAimee Golant has a distinct gift for metal work that she says she comes by naturally from her Polish grandfather.  He was a die maker who along with her grandmother, were Holocaust survivors.  Aimee says that their shared gift for metal work has created “an amazing connection” between grandfather and granddaughter.  Growing up hearing about their experiences, attending Hebrew school and also living in Israel for a brief time has influenced her work.  Aimee clearly integrates her Jewish heritage and her distinct art forms.  She comments “ I would like to bring some of the Jewish culture into pop culture as a way to foster understanding among people.”

Golant works in silver, copper, bronze, gold and pewter to create exquisite metal pieces.  She uses standard fabrication techniques along with the hydraulic press to create original art works.  

Recently she received much attention in the press for her Barbed Wire Mezuzah.  The mezuzah (like the one pictured here) traveled into space with Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon aboard the ill-fated Columbia Space Shuttle. 

Among her additional pieces of creative metal work are menorahs and religious jewelry.  Because of her remarkable talent, several of Aimee’s pieces have been acquired for the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum in New York.  In 2001, Aimee was awarded the prestigious Niche Award in the Judaica category.  Her work is sold at over 250 retailers across the U.S. and she has participated in many juried art exhibits.


"two great lights...the lesser one to rule the night"  Genesis 2:9
and Silver "Life Force Menorah"Life Force Menorah 

Complementing the distinctive metal pieces of Aimee Golant are the richly textured and beautifully woven works of Mary Ann Newman.  A tapestry and texture artist, Mary Ann has made over 40 tallitot (tallit), many for friends’ children at the time of bar and bat mitzvah.  Originally from South Dakota, she has lived in Switzerland and Norway and has traveled extensively throughout the world.  She says “I feel a connection to weavers as I visit other countries.”  She and her husband have led 12 study tours throughout the world.  Today, home is Sonoma, California.  Mary Ann’s inspiration is found in the natural world or sparked by poetic writing.

Mary Ann is a Jew-by-choice and her wall hangings you will see at Temple Israel reflect her interest in the Jewish religion.  In the woven piece entitled “Let There Be Light,” she uses a unique inlay technique to weave dark blues and rich autumn tones.  She has painstakingly chosen a slow weaving process, which allows greater yarn freedom and a more “painterly” quality than usual loom patterns.



Genisis 2.9“And out of the ground God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight"  Genesis 2:9 

Peace Through Humor

Temple Israel is proud to announce the installation of our latest exhibit, "Peace Through Humor".  From the autumn of 1994 until the summer of 1996, Maureen Kushner, an innovative educator from New York, visited 24 Israeli schools from the Northern Galilee to the Southern Negev, at the invitation of the Israeli Ministry of Education.  Using a unique teaching method that incorporated humor, she successfully broke down barriers, creating a trusting environment among Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Bedouin children, as well as with Ethiopian and Russian immigrants.

During a series of workshops, students conveyed their deepest feelings and fears through discussion, word association, and art.  The murals and paintings produced in these classes reflect the myriad cultural and social values of these children, expressing their hopes for a new peace, reaching beyond the shadow of war.

This inspirational and colorful exhibition shares just a small sampling of the students.  The children intend to carry their vision of “Peace Through Humor” around the world, hoping that art, created with love and honesty, will help destroy hate and fear forever.

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