Life Cycle Events

Baby Naming

Babies are named and blessed from the Bimah during Shabbat services. To arrange for a baby naming, please contact Maya Grinboim 248-661-5700 or [email protected].

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New Baby Dinners, Shabbat B'Yachad

Shabbat B’Yachad (“Shabbat Together”), dinners delivered on a Friday to members or their children during the miraculous time when a new baby comes into the home. Contact Randi Simko for information or to participate.  Made available through the generosity of the Josephine & Harry Colton Shabbat B’Yachad Fund.

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Brit Milah

The Temple is happy to offer its facilities for your son’s Brit Milah. To schedule space, please call one of our rabbinic assistants. If you would like any of our clergy to be present, please contact their administrative assistants.

Birkat Yeladim/Blessing of the Children (Consecration)

A Family Education Program for First Grade students and their parents.

Celebrate Sukkot and the beginning of our children’s Jewish education with a wonderful morning of study, song and blessings. Our 1st grade students receive a special gift of a Torah and participate in a special Sukkot Blessing service. Children march into the sanctuary and are blessed by the Clergy at this important life cycle event.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are scheduled through the Cantor’s office. Tutors are assigned by the Cantor, who works with students to match them with the tutor who is most appropriate for their needs. To schedule either social hall for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, please contact the Temple office.

Service options for Bar/Bat Mitzvah:

Sanctuary Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Takes place in our glorious main sanctuary, and sometimes (but not always) is shared among two b’nai mitzvah celebrants. There is a regal beauty about these services, partly because they follow a very successful but set pattern. It is more difficult to change the liturgy of that service but it is undeniably beautiful and, at the very same time, personal and warm. 

Alternative Bar/ Bat Mitzvah: Theses b’nai mitzvahs are generally singles unless the families so choose and can take place in any other of our prayer spaces at Temple Israel, including the Schmier Family Chapel, the Korman Hall or the Eisenberg or Wasserman Courtyards (weather permitting). This format offers the greatest opportunity for creativity and personalization of your bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. If you want more Hebrew or chanting, enhanced musical instrumentation, optimum flexibility with regard to family member participation etc. this format may be for you.

Havdalah Bar/Bat Mitzvah: We offer Havdalah bar/bat mitzvah serviceat 5:00 and 6:00 Saturday evening. Most often, these services are singles.  The 5:00 service generally takes place in the Schmier Family Chapel while the 6:00service is in the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary service is paired with a party in the Herman Hall following the service. Havdalah is a beautiful ritual marking the conclusion of Shabbat which includes wine, spices, and braided candle. It is a beautiful transition from Shabbat to the rest of the week.

Experimental Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Please know that it is our desire to make your bar/bat mitzvah a reflection of you and your family. Thus, we are open to new ideas, new venues, new time slots and new formats that have not been listed here. An experimental bar/bat mitzvah may include the choice of a venue outside of Temple Israel but of course, the exact time of such a service cannot be set until within one year of the ceremony for scheduling purposes.

Download the Blessings Before and After the Reading of the Torah.  

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Our ninth-grade High School students affirm their commitment to Jewish education during services on Shavuot. They receive the blessings of the clergy and their families and an inscribed Bible. 

Graduation, High School

Each year, Temple Israel graduates a large number of students who have participated in the congregation’s Monday Night High School program. The ceremony, created by the graduates, takes place near the conclusion of the school year. 


To schedule your wedding ceremony with our Rabbis or Cantors please contact one of their assistants. To schedule the use of either social hall for your wedding reception, please contact the Temple office. Couples traditionally receive a blessing (auf ruf) from our clergy the Shabbat before their wedding. To schedule your blessing, please call one of the Rabbis’ administrative assistants. 

Funeral Service

Funeral Services are arranged through the Rabbis, one of whom will work with your family during this difficult time of loss to prepare a eulogy and counsel those in need. If you would like to talk about your loss with others, please consider participating in one of the congregation’s Bereavement Support Groups. For information concerning these groups, see the Caring Community Support Groups section of this portfolio or call the Temple office. 

Shiva Minyan

Temple Israel lay people, trained by our clergy, help mourners by leading evening Minyan Services in mourners’ homes. Arrangements for Minyan Services can be made by calling the Temple office. 


Kaddish can be said on the Yahrzeit of your loved one either during a morning Minyan or Shabbat service. Yahrzeit reminders will be sent to Temple members in advance of the specific Shabbat. Permanent memorial plaques can be dedicated and placed on the Yahrzeit Board in our Sanctuary. For call information on permanent plaques, please contact Temple Offices.


For those who are interested in exploring Judaism, simply schedule an appointment with one of our Rabbis by calling the Temple office. Temple Israel offers an Introduction to Judaism class for anyone interested in learning more about Judaism. 


Temple Israel is the only Reform congregation in the world to offer a mikveh to its members, as well as to the Jewish community-at-large. Our mikveh is used by those choosing to convert to Judaism or prior to one’s wedding or a holiday. For more information concerning the use of the mikveh, please call one of the Rabbinic administrative assistants.

About Us

Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish Congregation which seeks to fulfill its religious and ethical goals by being a center for spiritual fulfillment, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, community leadership, social responsibility, and by lovingly entrusting our Reform Jewish tradition from generation to generation. We are committed in our support of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people throughout the world.

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