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Enrichment Programs

"Kids Can Do" Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs have been developed with both parents and children in mind.  Children who are enrolled in the Early Childhood Center may participate in the enrichment program.  We offer our parents extended school hours by providing challenging and exciting enrichment classes. Teachers who have a talent or expertise in a specific area have been recruited to provide an age-appropriate hands-on approach to this curriculum.

Enrollment based on first come - first served.

All classes subject to change based on enrollment needs.

Contact the ECC for available openings.
Enrichment Options for the 2016-2017 School Year:

  • All Aboard Noah's Ark (2/3) Our world is made up of all kinds of animals who live near and far. This enrichment explores their habitats and traits through stories, songs and crafts.
  • Backyard Games (3/4) A fun afternoon of classic games like Freeze Tag, Red Rover, Kick Ball and more! This is a new enrichment soon to be a favorite!
  • Big Builders (4) Learn how to read pictorial directions and build your own creations using plastic connectable pieces.
  • Ceramics (4) Each child has the opportunity to make many different projects out of clay. After the children glaze their work they are fired in our own Temple kiln.
  • Cook-a-Book (3/4) Build your own cookbook! A great enrichment for children who love to cook, mix, color and create...and eat yummy snacks!
  • Fabrics & Fibers (4) Explore knitting, sewing and other fabric projects.
  • Fit & Fun Gym (3/4) Run and play! Sports, games and other fitness related activities.
  • Giggles & Games (3/4) Create, make and play all sorts of games and puzzles.
  • Glitz & Glam (2/3) Make jewelry, play dress up, and be a star in this fabulous enrichment created to bring sparkle to your preschooler.
  • Hello Dolly! (3/4) Using imagination and glue create all sorts of dolls in this amazing enrichment! Dolls will enchance a child's story time experience.
  • Imagine That (3/4) All sorts of fun is to be had when we develop and use our imaginations. You can be a teacher, a chef, an astronaut or a dinosaur. Each session will surprise and delight our children.
  • Lacrosse (3/4) Join a local Lacrosse player and learn the basics of the sport playing games with the other kids!
  • Lovely Junk (3/4) Your child will use their creativity with recycled "junk" by turning it into toys and other works of art. Fabulous creations to go home.
  • Mix & Stir (2/3/4) This enrichment is a great allergy friendly alternative to our Cook-a-Book enrichment. With a science element, your child will learn how to make different concotions. What happens when you blend this with that and make different non-edible creations! Children in the 3 or 4-year-old program can participate on Mondays and in the 2 or 3-year-old program on Wednesdays.
  • Monsters, Ink (3/4) Learn about, build and create all sorts of Monsters in this not-so-scary art enrichment.
  • Move Over Monet (3/4) Art is made with all sorts of media. This enrichment explores artists and the multitude of ways to create beautiful works of art!
  • Movin' & Groovin' (2/3/4) Dance, wiggle and move with the groove. This enrichment is fun for all ages. Your child will experience different music and ways to express themselves through movement.
  • Puppet Pals (3/4) Children love puppets. In this enrichment your child will create their own puppets and put on their own shows.
  • Sense-ational (3/4) From animals and plant life to outer space and the human body, there is always an interesting and exciting time in the science room. Children in the 3-year-old program will meet on Wednesdays and the 4-year-old program will meet on Fridays. This enrichment is an extension of what your chld learns in their regular morning science class.
  • Sports & More (3/4) Soccer, baseball, running and more! Your child will run and stretch while learning the basics of team play.
  • Sprout About (2/3) Plant it, water it and watch it grow! Gardening basics that everyone should know.
  • Things That Move (3/4) Carsm trucks and trains are not the only things that move! Learn about all sorts of things that move around like bugs, swings and preschoolers.
  • Tumble Bus (3/4) All aboard the gymnastics bus for a flipping fun time learning gymnastics basics.
  • What's Jewish About Tuesdays? (4) We know about Shabbat on Fridays but in this enrichment children will discover how they can incorporate Judaism every day of the week!
  • Woodworking (4) Saw, hammer and drill in this enrichment. Create wooden projects that are both useful and beautiful.
  • Yoga & Healthy Snacks (3/4) Breathe, move and meditate. Learn about all the healthy options for your tummy and life.

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