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Mussar - Jewish Spiritual Living

The study and practice of Mussar helps you recognize your own personal program in living, and provides you with the tools needed to follow that curriculum which means growing toward wholeness.

A Taste of Mussar 
Join us for one session of Mussar—Jewish Spiritual / Ethical Practice. Have you been wondering what Mussar is all about? Now is your chance to experience the wonders of this ancient wisdom. 

A Season of Mussar I 
A Season of Mussar I is a 13-session introduction to Mussar that guides you in a supervised course of Mussar learning and practice. As with all Mussar study, the aim of this program is to help individuals find balance and strength in key inner traits that are essential for leading a fulfilling life, in worldly as well as spiritual matters.

Every week over a 13-week period, each participant receives an email of teachings and practices focused on a single middah (soul-trait). Questions, exercises, and suggestions are provided to prompt inquiry and insight. All materials are in English, and where Hebrew is used, it is transliterated and translated.

Every two weeks, a face-to-face meeting takes place to address questions and practices focused on the middah of that week, and to discuss personal progress, insights and issues. Experience has shown that these meetings create powerful spiritual community, reinforcing commitment, and deepening participants' learning.

A Season of Mussar II 
At the end of the 13-week A Season of Mussar I, participants can continue their Mussar learning and practice through the next level of program, A Season of Mussar II. This program also runs for 13-weeks and focuses on a different set of six middot. At this higher level, more advanced Mussar practices are added to the program.

Path of the Soul 
What is the Path of the Soul? And more to the point, how do you recognize and follow yours? Only by answering these questions not in theory, but in the flesh of your life, can you discover and follow the track that leads to your most elevated spiritual destiny. Path of the Soul is a curriculum for wholeness, complete with assignments, learning, challenges, and tests. Each has his or her own curriculum, though not everyone is aware that his or her life-course is a curriculum, nor engages with it consciously.

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About Us

Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish Congregation which seeks to fulfill its religious and ethical goals by being a center for spiritual fulfillment, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, community leadership, social responsibility, and by lovingly entrusting our Reform Jewish tradition from generation to generation. We are committed in our support of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people throughout the world.

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